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"Bonjour, j’en reviens pas, J’ai reçu mes pièces en 4 jours. Elles sont installées
et ça fonctionne à merveille. Allez-y les Québécois sans crainte, le service
est super rapide. Merci à Cormier Equipment.
J.A.B. St-André de Restigouche QC Jan 18, 2013

"Pièce installer et fonctionnel. Merci"
F.D. Sainte-Thérèse QC Jan 14, 2013

"Bonjour, J'ai reçu mes pièces. Elles sont installées et ça fonctionne. Merci."
E.V. Blainville QC Jan 9, 2013

"Vous aviez raison elle est arriver ce Lundi 07/01/2013
Merci pour votre bon service; d'avoir pris le temps de me répondre!
G.T. St-Philippe QC Jan 7, 2013

"Bonjour, j'ai tout recu, tout fit tres bien Merci beaucoup et joyeuse année 2013.!!"
K.W. Montreal QC Jan 3, 2013

"ces toi qui mavait vendu mon ancien carbu je vais continuer a te referer ..  mes deux voisin
on commander de toi et te referre aussi ...MERCI BERNARD"
Québec Jan 1, 2013

"Merci infiniment. Vous êtes à la hauteur pour le service et la rapidité, sans oublier l'aspect
compétitif du prix. Je vais chaudement vous recommander."
A.G. Notre Dame des Monts QC Dec 20 2012

"Merci, tres satisfais de votre service, je passe le mot."
S.G. Dubreuilville ON Sept 24 2012

Merci Bernard pour toute ces renseignements et bravo pour votre entreprise magasiner chez
vous c`est un plaisir avec un service impeccable.
G.D. QUE  August 22 2012

Bonjour monsieur Cormier. Merci de l'envoi. MERCI BEAUCOUP !!!
Passez un bel été.
G.D. Sudbury ON  July 4  2012

"To Mr. Cormier. Thank you very much for the part I ordered from you. I received it
today Jan. 17th. Know I can have my snow blower ready for the next snow fall."
D.A. Chateauguay QC Jan 17, 2013

"Sorry,the comformation email was in my junk mail which I
didn't notice. Thanks for the fast response.
G.W. Kenora ON Jan 15, 2013

"Bernard, Thank you kindly, your costumer service is great!
I will definately be a repeat costumer for future breakdowns."
D.C. Rosseau ON Jan 14, 2013

"Hi there, Just wondering if you could give me an idea of the delivery time for the
attached order. It’s was great to find your site. It has everything I was looking for.>
W.P. Cornwall PE Jan 14, 2013

"Thanks.  It arrived today.  No more shovelling snow!!!"
R.M. Squamish BC Jan 11, 2013

"Thanks, rec,d the package today"
W.C. Gravenhurst ON Jan 11, 2013

"Good morning Bernard, Thank you for the reply. You guys are sure
on the ball. I was afraid it might be several days before
my order was shipped. Excellent service. Have a great day"
D.G. Dunrobin ON Jan 10, 2013

"Bonjour, J'ai reçu mes pièces. Elles sont installées et ça fonctionne. Merci."
(Hi, I received my parts, they are installed and it works. Thanks)
E.V. Blainville QC Jan 9, 2013

"Thank you Bernard, I was able to get just what I needed yesterday.
The installation went superb and the blower is operational and
tested.  Thank you  again"
G.W. Moncton NB Jan 9, 2013

"Thank u Very Much for the Quick response...I will check it out..!"
B.L. Jan 8, 2013

"Vous aviez raison elle est arriver ce Lundi 07/01/2013
Merci pour votre bon service; d'avoir pris le temps de me répondre!
(You were right, it arrived this Monday. Thank you for your great service
and to have taken the time to answer me!)
G.T. St-Philippe QC Jan 7, 2013

"Bernard Thank you for your extremely quick response, I really appreciate it.
Yes you are right, I did mean January."
B.V. Carleton Place ON Jan 4, 2013

"Thank you for the great service.  received items today and it is exactly
what I was looking for. Thanks again. Happy New Year."
M.C. Petawawa ON Jan 3, 2013

"Hi Bernard, Received my parts safe and sound today, thank you very much!"
G.A. Moncton NB Jan 3, 2013

"Hi, I appreciate you trying to help. I sprayed the shaft when I changed
the gear and it seemed to be working fine on the bench."
D.S. Jan 3, 2013

"Bernard: Thanks! I just placed an order for the carb. With Regards:"
B.Z. St Albert AB Jan 3, 2013

"Bonjour, j'ai tout recu, tout fit tres bien Merci beaucoup et joyeuse année
(Hello, I have received everything. Thanks you very much and happy 2013)
K.W. Montreal QC Jan 3, 2013

"Bernard, I received the part and my snowblower is fixed. I just wanted to
thank you again for the assistance and the quick response. I will be referring
you and using your service again when needed."
D.G. Swastika ON Jan 2, 2013

"ces toi qui mavait vendu mon ancien carbu je vais continuer a te referer
..  mes deux voisin on commander de toi et te referre aussi ...MERCI BERNARD"
(I bought my carb from you last year and am reffering you. My two
are buying and are reffering you also. THANK YOU BERNARD)
Québec Jan 1, 2013

"Thanks for all your help. Have a great new year."
S.P. Dundas ON Dec 31, 2012

"I rec'd the shipment and am very satisfied with parts ordered."
M.O. Regina SK Dec 29 2012

"I received these from Murray, I will send you my list generated using the
Thank you! And happy New Year!"
R.F. Delanson NY USA Dec 28 2012

"Thank You!! Package arrived today, in time to repair the gear drive on
my snow blower so I could clean out last nights snowfall.
The right parts, the first time! I will return."
P.H. Waterborough NB Dec 28 2012

"Thanks for the quick reply! Appreciate it. The carb bowl is leaking fuel and
since I have put about 3 carb kits in it over the past 10 years,
I might as well just replace it this time."
P.J. Dartmouth NS Dec 27 2012

"Will get it checked out and get back to you.
Thanks so much for all your help."
K.C.  Dec 22 2012

"Merci infiniment. Vous êtes à la hauteur pour le service et la rapidité, sans
oublier l'aspect compétitif du prix. Je vais chaudement vous recommander."
(Thank you. You are the best for service and speed, also competitive pricing)
A.G. Notre Dame des Monts QC Dec 20 2012

"thanks - got it.. I'll be sure to recommend you guys to my friends...
nice to be able to support a  fellow new brunswicker!"
S.B. Upper Kingsclear NB Dec 18 2012

"The order arrived yesterday and I rebuilt the auger drive today.
Thanks for your help!"
T.B. Evansburg AB Dec 13 2012

"Thank you for keeping me informed Bernard.
This has been a bad year for snow in Fort Nelson (southeast of Alaska)"
R.R. Fort Nelson BC Dec 11 2012

"Berard, PayPal did not work but I tried it again on Monday and it worked.  
Will be ordering more part in time to come, and pass this supplier on to
others.  Thanks."
L.S. Richmond BC Dec 11 2012

"Thanks, Bernard - I'm looking forward to receiving my current order and
doing business again with you soon."
B.B. Calgary AB Dec 10 2012

"Hi Bernard, I placed the order today.  Thanks for your help."
S.W. Hudson QC Dec 3 2012

"Hi Bernard.  Thanks for your reply.  I sent the part back today (Thursday) by
Purolator as you instructed.  Please let me know if there were any problems.  I
would like to thank you again for your prompt and courteous service.  I will
certainly place an order with your company again and I will refer your
company to my friends."
L.L. Petawawa ON  Nov 29 2012

"Bernard - thanks very much. I will certainly pass your name along. I have a
friend in the small engine business who is looking for a parts supplier and will
send him to your site."
R.L. Almonte ON  Nov 29 2012

"Got the new starter to day and it works great ..
thanks for the fast shipping ..Im impressed"
B.R. White City SK  Nov 27 2012

"Thanks Bernard for your feed back and your help. have a good day."
M.M. Fort McMurray AB  Nov 27 2012

"Thank you for your prompt reply. With some effort, and several phone calls,
I was finally able to locate the parts locally. I shall keep you in mind for any
future needs."
A.P. Montreal QUE  Nov 26 2012

"Thanks Bernard, I appreciate the quick response."
T.S. Mosse Jaw SK  Nov 24 2012

"Bernard, I just ordered it from your website. Thanks again for your help."
R.G. Mansfield ON  Nov 19 2012

"Hi Bernard, i finaly got the parts, thanks for all the trouble you
went to to get them to me, i do appreciate it."
R.C. Winnipeg MB Nov 19 2012

"Just wanted to confirm that I received the part you sent me several days ago.
Thank you very much for your speedy service. You are
bookmarked and I will pass your name on to my friends
should they ever need parts."
D.H. Grand Prairie AB Nov 17 2012

"WOW ! Quel service !!! I did not see a
service that fast in a long time!!!! Thank you"
C.O. Prévost QC Nov 16 2012

"Hi Bernard:  I received my parts on Tuesday, Nov. 6.  My machine is like new!
Your commitment to customer satisfaction is much appreciated.  
I will not hesitate to order from you again if the need arises and will
recommend you to anyone in need of parts.  Thanks again!"
G.H. Blairmore AB Nov 9 201

"Got the invoice and paid it! Not sure where the first one went.
Thanks for going the extra mile on this one!"
R.S. Chatham ON Nov 8 2012

"Rec'd the parts and are in the lawn mower. Thanks for professional service."
D.S. Guelph ON Nov 7 2012

"Thanks The right belt is there. Now we know where you are !"
P.M.  South Bar NS Oct 29 2012

"Got it. Order made. Many thanks!"
B.T. Brackendale BC Oct 28 2012

"Thanks very much for your help Bernard!"
B.K. Richmond BC  Oct 27 2012

"OK thanks. Just wanted to make sure the wheels will be coming
and be ready for next spring.  Thanks again."
J.M. Winnipeg Manitoba  Oct 25 2012

"Wow! Thank you very much, Bernard. I really appreciate it."
C.C. Vancouber BC  Oct 24 2012

"Bernard: Thanks as always for the info."
K.L. Sydney NS  Oct 24 2012

"Thanks Bernard:  I will take the disc out and will get back to you.  
Thanks for the quick reply!"
Gord  Oct 23 2012

"great, i will order it on line, thank you"
R.M. Hamilton ON  Oct 22 2012

"Thankyou Bernard for your help, I will have a look. Greatly appreciate your
C.W.  Oct 17 2012

"Many thanks greatly appreciated."
M.G. Forest ON  Oct 16 2012

"Thank you so much Bernard , With those prices I will have to wait & see if
they could be rebuild. But will keep your  site in case.  Appreciated!"
L.K.  Oct 14 2012

"I have been looking at your site you have many parts I need for my
craftsman blower. You have a very nice site with tons of parts
I have found all the shafts etc that I need.Thanks"
I.R. Beachburg ON  Oct 14 2012

"Thank you very much Bernard, looking forward to doing business
again in the near future."
A.L. Renfrew ON  Oct 8 2012

"Thanks for the referral it worked out great and was
cheaper than new. Thanks again."
J.G. ON  Oct 7 2012

"Thaks a lot Bernard, will order via website right away. Cheers."
R.S. Orelans ON  Sept 27 2012

"Thank you ever so much Bernard again. Guess I was just impatient,
the part arrived today. I look forward to using your business
again.. and again will provide referrals to your business."
W.G. Perth ON Sept 23

"Merci, tres satisfais de votre service, je passe le mot."
(Thank you, very satisfied with the service. I will pass the word around)
S.G. Dubreuilville ON Sept 24 2012

"I just want to say thank you for the great service and super fast shipping.
I received the parts not even 24 hours after placing the order!
I will definitely recommend you to others!
A.B.  Shédiac NB Sept 19 2012

"Bernard, Thank you so much for sending the right belt, I will be
ordering some Bearing Carriers and other parts soon. Regards"
G.H. Langley BC Sept 15 2012

"This is an older Ariens mower that is built real solid so I would like to keep it
running. Thanks for the great service."
P.W. Huntsville ON  Sept 12 2012

"Bernard, Thanks for the quick feedback and info.
I’ll pass on your company details to my friends."
K.B. NB  Sept 10 2012

"Re: storage tip. I got this tip about letting the engine run dry from you last
year. Was skeptical but trusted your expertise and did this with my 2 riding
mowers, push mower and rough-cut pull-behind mower. Sure enough, this
spring I added fresh gas to all of them and they all started and ran perfectly.
Much easier storage method. Thanks for the great tip."
C.S. Eganville, ON Sept 9 2012

"Thank you very much so far it's a pleasure doing business with you guys."
P.G. Dubreuilleville ON Sept 7 2012

"Site rating: Excellent! On a scale of 1 to 5,Cormier Equipment
deserves 6 in my book."
V.F. Masonville QU  Sept 7 2012

"Thank you for your quick and precise answer. Have a nice day!"
L.D. QU September 6 2012

"Hi, thanks for the reply.  We were able to find one locally.
I like your website, I will mention it to my friends."
M.E. Shelburne ON  September 4 2012

"Excellent service.  Thank you."
A.R. Winnipeg MB  September 4 2012

"Site rating: Excellent! Outstanding customer service. Amazing personal
attention via email. Shipping service I received in terms of speed and
convenience could not be better. I look forward to doing more business with
Cormier Equipment."
P.S. Dartmouth NS September 2 2012

Thanks very much for the great service and fast shipping! It's a real pleasure
doing business with you. Keep up the great work !!
From a very satisfied customer
K.J. Halifax NS  August 23 2012

Merci Bernard pour toute ces renseignements et bravo pour votre entreprise
magasiner chez vous c`est un plaisir avec un service impeccable.
(Congratulation on your business. Shopping on your site is a pleasure.
With an impeccable service)
G.D. QUE  August 22 2012

You are the best! It looks like the same one, I am going to order it right now.
Thank you for the fast reply you guys rock
G.P.  Ontario  August 2  2012

Bonjour monsieur Cormier. Merci de l'envoi. MERCI BEAUCOUP !!!
Passez un bel été.
(Thank you Mr. Cormier. Thank you for the shipment.
THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! Have a nice summer.)
G.D. Sudbury ON  July 4  2012

"Bernard, I received the wheels. They were perfect. Many thanks."
N.M. Scarborough ON June 18  2012

"Thanks.  I appreciate these info mails.  I was pleased with the service
on my first order with your firm and will continue to do
business with you.  Thanks again."
L.T. Kingston Ont. June 20  2012
Thanks very much. Appreciate all your help.
B.M. Edmonton AL  June 16  2012
Thanks for your prompt reply ... I may order it next week for a spare  if I keep
the mower  ...I'll bookmark your site
W.B. PEI  June 14  2012
Un gros merci Bernard (A big thank you Bernard)
K.G. Petit Rocher NB  June 13  2012
Thank you for the offer Bernard but it probably isn’t worth
the cost and effort. I appreciate the gesture. Thank you
R.C. Mississauga Ont.  June 13  2012
10-4. thanks for the speedy email response! i will hold tight til then.
C.G. Brackendale BC  June 11  2012
Merci Monsieur Cormier, j’apprécie votre réponse à ce sujet.
(Thank you Mr. Cormier, I appreciate your response on that matter)
L.R. Saint-Télesphore QC  June 8 2012
Bernard, I received the new belt yesterday and installed it last fitted
perfect!! I used the mower in some heavy grass (heavy is an
understatement!) for 3 hours this evening and it worked like a charm.
Thanks for the help.
R.A. Auburndale NS  June 7 2012
Thank you Bernard for your services.
It was a pleasure. Thanks.
P.D.  Cobden Ont.  June 5  2012
All good, the order has been placed. Thank you for all your help.
S.B.  Ottawa Ont. June 4  2012
Thank you Bernard, I have checked and the belt is a 5/8 X 86. I have placed
the order online. Thanks again for your assistance.
T.T. Minto NB  June 3  2012
Merci pour la rapidité étonnante de votre réponse! Cela est apprécié!
(Thank you for the super quick response! It is very appreciated!)
A.B. Lasalle Qué  May 31  2012m
Bernard, Thanks for having the parts for this old beasty.  I found the
snowblower at the side of the road - someone was throwing it away.  I am
guessing it is about 25 years old.
T.E. Rockford Illinois  May 31  2012
Good morning,Bernard or associate,
Thank you for the fast shipment of my part.  I ordered it Monday afternoon,
and it arrived Wednesday morning.  And at half the cost of the Troy-Bilt
clutch, I am a happy customer. Thanks, again.
K.B. Binbrook Ont.  May 30  2012
Hi Bernard, All the parts came in! Thank you!
R.B. Alexandria Ont.  May 29  2012
Excellent, thanks much for the quick reply, appreciate it.
D.M. Ottawa Ont.  May 28   2012
Excellent and prompt replies to any questions and very helpful in finding the
right part. A little disappointed that they didn't do more to help with the cost
of shipping when I unintentionally ordered the wrong part.
J.M. Shelburne Ont.  May 25  2012
Hi Bernard, I just ordered the new part according to your specifications.
I would like to thank you for your help & support - very appreciated.  
G.P. Chomedy Que.  May 22  2012
Hi Bernard, that is extremely helpful, thanks so much.  
C.S.  May 21  2012
Thank you very much. Its taken a long time to find a part source that would
give a shop owner as young as me a chance so thanks again  
J.G. Bracebridge Ont.  May 20  2012
Bernard,  My order just came in so I figured I would
let you know and Thank you once again for your help and support.
E.W. Elkford BC  May 15 2012
Site Rating: Excellent, Price Rating: Excellent,
Shipping Options Rating: Good, Delivery Rating: Good
Ease Of Purchase Rating: Excellent
Customer Service Rating: Excellent
L.D. Maple Ridge BC  May 12  2012
Thank you for your help!  So glad to discover they will work...
all is good, thanks again
S.W. Ponoka Alberta  May 8   2012
Hello, Yes I received my order today , thank you very much for
your great service
J.D. Colborne Ont.  April 16 2012
Merci beaucoup pour votre rapidité de réponse !
(Thank you very much for your quick response!)  
S.R. Trois-Rivières Québec  April 10  2012
Thank you, Bernard I could not ask for better service.
Sent from my iPad
B.B. Whitehorse Yukon  March 26  2012
Thanks, fast shipping  and parts are in place, equipment repaired and
working well, will buy again from you.  
D.L. Lemoyne QC March 21  2012
Thanks, I like these tips they are great reminders and I can be a wee bit lazy.
These remind me not to be and the choke I had never done that I have always
let it run dry, Hovever obviously not Thanks for the tips.
Anonymous March 20  2012
Thanks for checking - I appreciate it!  At least it is in town now!  March 5
R.W. Grande Prairie AB March 18 2012
The other belt must have split in 2, because it is shorter. But the one below I
ordered from you fits, great. In the future I can just email order below,
instead of me searching the web again. Thanks for your help and patience.  
R.M. Alert Bay BC  March 10  2012
Received belts within two days.  Perfect Fit .Great service and parts. Will do
business again and also will tell others about great parts dealer! Thank You!
P.M. Sydney NS  March 5  2012
Greetings Bernard, Thanks for the great news letter you provide.
Interesting stuff.   
P.C. ON March 4  2012
Bernard:Many thanks. I got the part but if it breaks again,
I may be back to you. Merci.
M.C. Port Hawkesburry NS  March 4  2012
Great. Impressive service. Just like the comments on the website say.
D.B. Whitehorse Yukon  March 3  2012
Received the belts today, 2 Mar.  Thanks for the excellent service.
J.C. Eastport NL   March 2  2012
Many thanks for your tips on mowers and snow blowers, they are very useful!
J.P. St-Germain QUE  February 29  2012
Love the tips  Bernard keep them coming it makes for great discussions at
work with the boys and some girls.
P.M. @
Thanks for the tips.
Excel Pro Machine Shop Beresford NB  February 28  2012
Re: Snowblower tips   This is excellent stuff Thanks!
George Whitehorse Yukon  February 25  2012
Thanks guys for keeping in touch and passing on those great tips and videos
even though I have yet to make any purchase from you. So far I've been
lucky enough not to need anything.
J.G. Riverview NB  February 15  2012
Thanks for your prompt reply. Mistakes happen, will certainly
keep ordering from you. Thanks
W.P. St John's NL  February 14  2012
Thanks for your help and I will keep you in mind if I should need parts
another time.
G.G. Niagara ON  February 13  2012
Re: Snowblower tip
Thank you for this.  It was very informative.
R.M. Warkworth ON February 13  2012
Site Rating:  Excellent    Comment:  Could not find the Hex Shaft for my Snowblower
Until Bernard told me it was the wrong part number in my book. Thanks to these
Guys we are back blowing Snow. Thank you so much.
J.F.  Kimberley B.C.
February 12  2012
The 2nd spring arrived...  it did arrive early last week but I was not told it had
arrived... Thanks for the great service
J.M. Plantagenet, ON  February 12  2012
Thanks Bernard for your prompt attention to my recent order. I have
recommended your outlet to some of my friends in my area and I
hope they will send some business your way.
W.G. Little Cataline NL  February 10  2012
Site Rating: Excellent, Comment: Very,very good service,
thanks to Cormier Equipment
A.R. Whycocomagh NS  February 9  2012
Site Rating: Excellent, Comment: Aucun problême avec ce marchand.
Reçu dans les délais. Bravo
(No problem with this merchant. Received parts in time)
G.M. Grand Calumet QUE  February 8  2012
It started working this afternoon. You should see my order come through. I
appreciate your help and look forward to receiving my part :)
Fredericton NB   February 7  2012
Thank you, parts arrived today, got installed, a few t'weeks and the
snowblower  is purring like an elephant. Your prices are good too, glad I
found your site, will pass your business name to others.
P.O. Kitimat BC  February 7  2012
No worries, it quite alright.  I'm just happy to get the parts as I've been
looking for them for weeks. Thanks
E.D. Milton ON  February 6 2012
thanks for getting back to me, your company was my frist hope, i know i will
have to pay more some where else.
D.H.  Unknown Address  February 1  2012
Bernard: Thanks I appreciate the information  
L.A. Shelburne NS  January 31 2012
Rating: Excellent, Price Rating: Good, Shipping Options Rating: Good
Delivery Rating: Excellent, Ease of Purchase Rating: Excellent
Customer Service Rating: Excellent
J.P. Nomingue QUE January 30 2012
Thank you very much for the great service, I got the carb in last Friday.
You are definitely in my Favorites for good. Thank you
C.D. Gatineau QUE   Januray 23  2012
Bernard, Thanks for the quick reply.I ordered the shaft this Evening.
Hoping we don't get too much snow Thanks Again for helping me.
J.F. Kimberly BC   Januray 19  2012
Thanks for the parts.  Everything arrived on time and in order,
D.B. Markham ON  Januray 17  2012
Just to let you know I received the part late December and only recently put the unit
on.  Everything works fine and seems to be running well. Appreciate you keeping me up
to date with the order and helping out with my requirements.
D.C. Fort McMurray AB  January 16  2012
I just wanted to give you my congratulation on being an organization that I want to
continue to do business with in the future as you have the correct business savvy &
customer concerns. You will receive all my future engine & hardware problems!
J.B. Location Unknown January 15  2012
Bernard. Thank you so much for your swift reply and offer to send a new
belt.  I’ll wrap the wrong one and ask the post to return to sender.
M.L. Red Rock ON  January 13  2012
Hi, Bernard ,  received the parts Wed 11th, everything back together and up
and running.  Thanks for the" keys" and the good service I will recommend
you  to anyone when required.
E.F. Pierrefonds QUE  January 13  21012
Your Tips are interesting and valuable; please keep them coming.
L.C.  Haworth N.J.  USA   Januray 11  2012
Vos suggestions sont très utiles. Merci !
(Your tips are very useful. Thank You!)
D.R. Montreal QC  January 10 2012
Thank you Please continue to send these valuable tips
Brian's Small Engine Repair  January 10  2012
Thanks for the tip of the month.
I just needed that fix last weekend now I can go back and do it right.
F.E. Nelson BC  January 8  2010
I found the parts that I needed and at a good price. It was easy
to order and I received the parts quickly. When I need parts again
you will be the first place I look.
M.B. Paris ONT  January 3  2012
Glad to have been fortunate to have found you on line for the
part I required,you saved the day. Cheers.
J.F. Kimberly BC  December 26 2011
Thanks for the tip Bernard. Hope u have a great Christmas
and Happy New Year.  Larry from Alberta.  December 19  2011
Great vendor. An inquiry I made concerning a back ordered part was
answered promptly. Prices are very competitive. Will definitely do business
again if the opportunity occurs.
B.K. Brandon ONT  December 19  2011
Thanks for the tip. It’s greatly appréciated.
M.D. Rigaud  QUE  December 18  2011
Thanks have been a great help.  The only source of parts and
info for me in Yukon.  Merry Christmas to you.
George  YT December 17  2011
Thanks for that tip, I think you just solved my problem.  
W.L.  December 17  2011
RE: Tip of the month. Your solution is  the excellent solution to the problem.
Thanks for your expert opinion on this . Thanks so much.
L.E.  December 16  2011
Thanks for the quick response. I got the shipment today. Have a great
B.F. Chestermere AB  December 15  2011
Hey Bernard, Thank you very much for all you help. Its much appreciated.
R.B. Alliston ON  December 15  2011
Thank you for your quick reply.
I will definitely keep the site in mind for when I need more parts.
W.J.  Happy Valley Goose Bay NL  December 14  2011
The part has arrived today.  Thank you for your assistance.
Happy Holidays  
R.L. Cavan ONT  December 13  2011
Thanks for the "gearcase repair video". I had to take mine apart and it helped
me loads.
D.R. Halifax  NS  December 12  2011
Thanks so much for all of your help and information. I've got your address on
file for future needs. Paypal just informed me of the refund.
J.S. Whitby ONT   November 21  2011
Thank you, your service is A++++
G.M. Red Deere AB   November 21  2011
Thats the nicest service I have ever seen..... Again I thank you and everything
was perfect. Have a good day and great service and great customer contact.
We don't see much of that today....good job
V.G. Montreal QUE   November 20  2011
The order showed up yesterday and I got the parts installed today. Thanks
again, and I will be placing another order shortly for more bits and pieces.
J.D.  Kimberly  BC   November 17  2011
Thank you very much for your help and sending a copy of manual.
A.D. Innisfil  ONT  November 8  2011
Well, thanks for the suggestion. Your idea is excellent.
Once more, THANK YOU!
D.Z.  ONT  November 4  2011
Thanks, these tips are really helpful!
J.P. Sainte-Adèle QC   November 2  2011
Thanks for these tips on small motors. They are excellent.
J.B. Address Unknown   October 30  2011
Thanks for the tip Bernard , i apprieciate it.
L.E. Address Unknown  October 28  2011
Bernard, Order done. Thanks for all help!
R.H. Lumsden SASK   October 18  2011
Very good and efficient service. Thank you!
N.S. Red Deere AB   October 5  2011
Thanks for the fast service!
J.G. Quebec QUE   September 19   2011
Thank you for the tip. The last few years I have been tempted to try the
stabilizer method because everybody else is doing it but with your advice I am
now going back to the old method as one trimmer I tried the stabilzer on
needed carburator rebuilding this spring.Thank you
M.H. Outlook SASK   September 17   2011
Glad to be on your mailing list! Gives me an opportunity to thank you for some
excellent service earlier this year, when you were kind enough
to mail a magneto to help me get my old LawnBoy rolling.
That was  much appreciated.
H.M. London Ont   September 14   2011
I purchased some lawnmower blades from cormier equipment and was really
happy with customer service and the delivery was super quick.
S.N.  Red Deere  AB   August 30  2011
Excellent service, good shipping deal, quick  came in about a
week from the other side of Canada
J.M.  Grande Prairie AB   August 25  2011
Thank you for the fast & prompt service!! It was really appreciated.
S.R.  100 Mile House BC  August 11   2011
Thanks for the great service!!! The belt fitted just fine but the mower deck is
in bad shape so I sold it to my buddy and gave him your number for parts. I
bought a new unit but will always need parts for all my other stuff.
Thanks Again I'll send people your way
N.B. Corner Brook NF  August 8  2011
I just ordered the part and everything went smoothly. Thank you. By the way,
I got the last order very quickly and everything was perfect.
D.R.  Harrow ONT   August 8  2011
Thank you, it's a pleasure doing business with you, your
replies are fast and clear.
J.P.  Sainte Adèle QC   July 21  2011
Holy Smoke, that was lightning fast!! It was less than 24 hours that I
put the order in and it's already shipped!! Thanks for the fast
turn-around time. Amazing service!
G.G. Fort St. James BC  July 14  2011
PS: Just wanted to say how pleased I was with my last order.
G.D. Kingston Ont   July 11  2011
Received the wheels great service could not beleive how fast it was. Thanks
M.R. Orleans Ont   July 10  2011
Good afternoon Bernard, thanks for the great service in having the spindle
and belt arrive in two days as promised.
C.S. Dartmouth NS   July 6 2011
I received my parcel yesterday. Sooo pleased with the fast delivery. Thanks
N.T. Harbor Breton NL   July 6 2011
Bernard, again thanks for all your help.  You are my first
choice for small engine parts.  
D.A. Fall River NS   July 5 2011
Bernard Cormier was very prompt and informative in all communications. He
did his utmost to save me a considerable amount by attempting
to find an after-market belt replacement.
H.T. Victoria BC  July 4 2011
Well thank you very much,  you've been more help than anyone around here.  
If you're ever in Pennsylvania I owe you a cold one.
C.M. Bushkill PA USA   June 23 2011
Thank you for your super customer service and we will
definitely look you up again.
M.B. Ear Falls Ontario   June 20 2011
Thanks for the fast shipping and excellent price ($19.99).Will definitely buy
from you again. Sears wanted $39.95 for the same blade + $9.99 shipping.
P.L. Mount Pearl NF   June 13 2011
Bernard, thanks for the prompt replies… Excellent customer service!
R.D. Ottawa Ontario   May 25 2011
Great service! Much appreciated!
D.H. Rosedale Alberta   May 25 2011
Thank you Mr. Cormier for answering me, as so many don't. I try to fix my
neighbor's and friends small machinery, and often ask with no replies.
K.W. Dartmouth NS   May 24 2011
Thank you so very much for shipping my order so quickly and all the parts
down to the last detail. I highly recommend Cormier to all.
J.P. Welsford NB   May 19 2011
Very helpful company that tries and help you find the right parts.     
G.R. Powell River BC  May 16 2011
It was great doing business with Cormier Equipment. I had
some questions about the parts I was ordering. I sent an email
and received a prompt reply. So helpful!     
Anonymous   May 13 2011
Price: Excellent, Shipping: Excellent, Delivery: Excellent, Ease Of Purchase:
Excellent      Customer Service: Excellent   They are top notch!      
P.M. Toronto Ontario   May 13 2011
I am pleased that I was able to find and purchase the part that I needed.
I would purchase from these folks again!
N.W. Tecumseh Ontario   May 13 2011
Excellant store. Quick shipper. Parts and quality just as ordered and as stated
N.C. Pembroke Ontario   May 12 2011
Congratulations for your excellent service. Until the next order  
P.C.  Lasalle Québec   April 20 2011
Wow Sunday and a response   thanks so much.  This is way beyond my
R.M. Guelph, Ont.
Thanks Bernard, I just placed the order. That's the fastest service
I ever received, I will pass on the word
B.G. Bathurst, N.B.
I  will certainly use this outlet to shop for hard to get parts in the future.
Dealers in smaller rural areas only offer parts for machines they sell and
W.G. Little Catalina, NL
Great prices even after shipping cost.
G.R. Stayner, Ont.
The parts got here Friday morning. Thanks for fixing Canada Post’s
screw up so quickly. I will definitely be getting more parts from
you in the future.
G.W. Orillia, Ontario
Thanks very much – I can’t wait to get it up and running. I will be
recommending you to friends and family.  Your service is excellent.
C.G. Hamilton, Ontario
Thank you for your quick response and excellent customer service.
A.H. St. Albert, Alberta
Hi there, I was reffered to you guys by someone i know after
he was able to get some parts from you and couldnt stop
talkin about how great your service was.
D.H. Ontario
I am extremely happy with your service, quality of parts, and speed of delivery
. Another snow blower is saved from the scrap yard.  Thanks.
P.M. Toronto Ontario
The parts were mailed on Wednesday and arrived in Alberta Monday
afternoon. The web site was easy to use, the shipping was fair and the service
EXCELLENT. Will tell friends about the service. Prices cheaper than what I
have used before. Great job Cormier.
Larry Fort Macleod, Alberta.   
Thank you so much. The service is exceptionnal! We have received the
complete  order today... You could be sure that we will let people know
about your company. Thank You again !!!!
S.R. Ottawa Ont.
Quick, easy, better than going to a brick store.
Will recommend Cormier to Friends.     
B.M. Barrie Ont
Cormier Equipment had better pricing than anyone else and the parts arrived
in time. What more can you ask for? I will definitely use them again.  
B.F. Calgary Alb.
Impressed by how quick my order was processed. Receive my order by the
24th. Merry Christmas.  
H.P. Victoria Harbour Ont.
It was easy to order parts that I thought I would never find anywhere. Price
was good, great service over the holiday season. With 20 cm of snow today in
Lloydminster on Saturday I had my snow blower up and running. Thank you
for the great service.
G.P. Lloyminster Alb.
Everything was perfect and really fast delivery. Nice to find snowblower parts
in canada.
G.L. Laval Québec
I bought parts for my 1976 ariens snowblower from this merchant and was
very impressed with the service and prompt delivery of items.I will definitely
buy from this friendly merchant again
R.P. Cochrane, Ont.
Very helpfull & pleasant. Reasonable shipping charges. Very honest!
Definitely recommend
S.C. Chambly, Quebec
I have dealt with a lot of companies on line, but this company out does them
all. Went out of his way locating items that I needed. Quick response, excellent
communication. Fantastic to do business with.
M.I. Grove City PA. USA
Pleased with your service. Pricing is competitive with local suppliers even after
shipping costs. We will certainly be buying more parts from you.
J.P. Halifax Nova Scotia
Order was duplicated at Yahoo, but fortunately direct contact
with Cormier Equipment stopped the duplication.
B.M. Mississauga Ont.
Shipping options were expensive for being within the province but thanks for
making your storefront online - it really does help! Thanks!
W. S. Dieppe NB
The selections on the survey did not include product availability, which would
have been 'excellent' as well, in Cormier's case. I purchased about $200
worth of parts for a 1980's snowblower, as well as a 1960's snowblower, and
Cormier had the parts. Their web page has links to the different
manufacturer's web pages to help look up part numbers, so you order the
right part. All in all, Cormier couldn't be a better online store. Delivery across
Canada was less than a week via regular post.
D. B. Edmonton Alberta
Very good seller, very fast shipping, quality merchandise. recommend...
G.T. Chicoutimi Québec
Very friendly and always fast shipping.
D.F.  North Bay, Ont.
They made it very easy to find and receive my parts. I have received
them at my home very quickly. Than kyou
R.F. Tillsonburg Ont.
Great price, just what I ordered. Thanks
D.A. Windham Maine USA
Product arrived in great condition, and within a short period of time. Product
was more expensive than I have paid in the past, but I was unable to find
this product in any nearby stores
E.P. Pembroke Ont.
I ordered the chainsaw safety pants...the price was the best anywhere in
Eastern Canada. The order arrived promptly and was accurately filled. Would
highly recommend this merchant, and would use them again
D.M. Charlottetown PEI
I was very pleased with my purchase from your warehouse. The parts shipped
were exactly what I ordered and seemed to be of very good quality.
D. S. Kingston Ont.